September 24, 2018

CALEB JOSEPH WARNER In an effort to refocus, let me write out what needs to be done here—on my personal blog! I need primarily to stay on track with my copyediting work, that money might continue to flow. Beyond this I need to really focus on editing my short stories for my short story collection Flock and Home. Speaking of which, I

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All is Vapor

CALEB JOSEPH WARNER I just got done writing a short story called All is Vaping and I want to get this in writing before I forget it, but I discovered what the story is really doing. What the story is doing is showing that all the fear and loathing as demonstrated by the book of Ecclesiastes, all that existential angst and

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Invisible Things

MICHAEL THOMAS JONES Last night I again found myself absorbed in one of Miyazaki’s spectacles (Porco Rosso) and I remain awestruck at his pure love of flight. I’m delighted by his portrayal of the unity of man with technological instrument – in this case, planes. It is so fitting for his chosen medium that he loves what he loves. Animation

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