Flock and Home

A couple comes to the end of themselves after their toddler dies in an avoidable accident. A college sophomore flunks out of college and decides to pursue his calling as a crime-busting vigilante in Vietnam. A boy who lives in his parent’s basement is keeping a dark secret from everyone: he can levitate. An old man decides to end it all by flying up into the sky on a lawn chair attached to helium balloons. A scientist who specializes in the social behavior of penguins teaches a penguin named Star how to speak and believe in Jesus. A lonely pervert who lives in a decrepit farmhouse makes contact with an ancient and rebellious entity of the sky that manages the private confessions of those who happen to find him.

Flock and Home is a book about what it means to have a home and what it means to be part of a community.

A Brief Visit to Our World

The big bad boy.

American Bottom


This is a less-than-serious serial online novel. What lies below the surface of America? Follow Joseph Garden on his journey to the backside of the moon.

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