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A Thoroughly Modern Novel

That Hideous Strength is not without its virtues. There are good ideas: power hungry modernism is bad. Men and women are different. Places are important. Surrealism is dangerous. There are also good elements: a boss who practices astral projection. Lunar sex bots. Merlin in the modern day. A bloody banquet overrun by beasts. However, I shouldn’t have had to read

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Perelandra Imperiled

Or not, because nothing much happens. There are a few wonderful images in this book. First, the main character spends the entirety of the story naked, which is great. I wish more books went like that. Secondly, the ever-shifting floating islands of Perelandra have to be one of the most interesting world mechanics I’ve encountered in a long time. I

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Greetings From Thulcandra

After I came to Moscow, Idaho, it quickly became apparent that I would have to spend some more time with C.S. Lewis. I have managed to push it off until now due to having read through the Chronicles half a dozen times, as well as the Screwtape Letters once. But over the past two years I’ve gotten so tired of

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The Fossil Record of Creation, Etched in Light: A Summary of “Starlight, Time and the New Physics” by John Hartnett

Some (few) researchers have worked on making a new model to rival the contemporary cosmology and while their work is far from complete, they do offer a glimpse at a potential model that could be just as multifaceted as its rival and has far more explanatory power. These people are Russel D. Humphreys, Moshe Carmeli, John Hartnett, and they are

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Instruments of Flesh in a Revolving Wooden World: Thoughts on The Phantom of the Opera

As an early birthday present my parents took me downtown today to see Phantom of the Opera. I was not expecting to have some theological questions resolved or, at the very least, brought deeper into contemplation. The Ascension puzzles me greatly. I don’t know why Jesus had to leave us. He rises from the dead, meets with the disciples, and

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