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A dream is the origin of all things—the first creatures, the first man, the first story ever told. Last year, my older brothers wanted to climb a mountain with me. We are all in our old age now and some of the ones between have since passed. The idea came from our father, really, who wanted always to climb a

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September 25, 2018

CALEB JOSEPH WARNER I have been reading a lot of John Cheever stories recently. My short story collection of his has been part of my short story collection stack for a few months now. And already, though his competitors on my desk are the likes of Clark Ashton Smith and Ernest Hemingway, Cheever is the one I gravitate towards. When

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September 24, 2018

CALEB JOSEPH WARNER In an effort to refocus, let me write out what needs to be done here—on my personal blog! I need primarily to stay on track with my copyediting work, that money might continue to flow. Beyond this I need to really focus on editing my short stories for my short story collection Flock and Home. Speaking of which, I

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