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Invisible Things

MICHAEL THOMAS JONES Last night I again found myself absorbed in one of Miyazaki’s spectacles (Porco Rosso) and I remain awestruck at his pure love of flight. I’m delighted by his portrayal of the unity of man with technological instrument – in this case, planes. It is so fitting for his chosen medium that he loves what he loves. Animation

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Paddington 2

MICHAEL THOMAS JONES This movie is an excellent example of advances in modern technology: its screenplay could have easily been written by an artificial intelligence. Don’t accept a mediocre film just because it’s ‘for kids’ and is less toxic than the various other kinds of imaginative runoff we channel towards our children. (With each year the channels grow deeper and

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Adultery in Literary Fiction

Michael Thomas Jones The primary concern of canonical literary fiction is adultery, or, more loosely, abandonment and broken sexual bonds. This first came to my attention during my attempts to explore well regarded 20th century fiction. To my great frustration, I came to novel after novel that primarily involved the main character whoring around and/or their wife leaving them. Incidentally,

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The Sacred Microbiota

MICHAEL THOMAS JONES What was the status of the microbes that lived in, with, and under Jesus’ body? Were they divine microbes in the same way that Jesus was a divine person? Where is the boundary between human flesh and the non human organisms that it hosts? On our body, there is anywhere from three to ten times the amount

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The Librarians and the Poets, the Artists and the Archivists

MICHAEL THOMAS JONES I. The Librarians and the Archivists Why is everything so ugly today, even though we all hold instant access to the truly beautiful? I propose an alternative aesthetic spectacle. It’s pretty simple: instead of social media, let’s use history. Specifically, let’s use online archives to explore art history as an inspiration for contemporary design and broader entertainment:

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