Monthly Archives: February 2017

The Baker’s Oven

I sit quiet as an eye resting in a soft white cloth after I’ve been burned alive, crumbs stuck in folds. I am not a poet (I write prose), but I can be a know-it-all and laugh. Haha! That’s enough!  But when I strike a cracker of gold in a dark room, I hit a blind strength of sight overtaking me like a thump of dough

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Part I. The Post-Secularist Society: Christian Hipster Culture: Self-Consciousness is a Shit-Conscience: Suburban Problems: How 2 B Sad 2-gether: M2M Spirituality: The Political Media System (PMS): Apostasy: Laziness, Illusions, and the Nation of Ghosts with Erections Pledging Allegiance to the Flag of Their Own Greed and Maintaining Diligently Their Civil Posts as Sentinels for Their Private/Public Outrage (OR: How to Protect Our Malformed Souls)

I The Architecture of the Internet has turned my mind into an ice cream cone. My mind is now the exact imprint of the Facebook home page. I pat myself on the back, because I am now an ice cream cone with a slick user interface. We all waste time very badly. I should know. I got so angry at myself for falling into the

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