This Image of the new Doritos Locos Taco was fitting

God, how I love you! You make my life fall so easily off the bone.

You’re a beautiful engine for an oiled fiction. With you, my future sinks steeply into the ocean. I watch my feet and invert the rhythm of my step and, here I am in 2078, having marched all the way to Berlin, Germany; a seedy generation waits and wrings its wet hands dry at the bus stop for the coming of the next Best-Dressed-Musician on a tour across Europe, preaching a Gospel of Doritos Tacos for 3.99. “All ye who are stupid and hungry, Come to America! Remember, verily tell them Miley sent you. Give ’em a wink of your eye and show them the sores on your feet and they’ll see why you deserve a discount on the Party Box, ye who came so late. Remember, Taco Bell is open til the 11th hour or later.” And at the parting of ways, she stands at the end of the bus and waves to the crowds that surround her. She wears a taco dress (a dress made of tacos).

Back on the mainland, a committee discusses their forward-thinking brand of evangelism, how they could set up food stands on every street corner to sell every man a delicious Gospel in the form of crazy tacos and ranch nachos.

Taco Bell has opened its doors to foreigners!

I turn my chin up, but my stomach rumbles for the WiLd PaRtY oF fLaVoRs I could have dancing in my mouth. Wretched man that I am, who will deliver me from this body of tacos?

Will I enter in and partake of the cheesy fun? Or am I done with that life of easy fast food and brooding about what I can do now in cultivating a future mood of producing what makes me happy? I will keep the money in my pocket and the cow in the field and the filler meat in the recycling bins and a salty syringe still cannot puncture the resolve I hold in my chest to forget the past and let go of the future fictions I once impressed on my cattle-like arm. Taco Bell was once the exact imprint of my nature—but now I tremble at the harm I have done to my clogged-up heart.

Let me get some sleep and simplify the art of my life down to the principle of the very long march: to go a long way, you must take it in parts. And Pinterest taught me this, how I am to not over-complicate my time, but minimize the design of an interior life down to the pieces that can be done in a sitting. There is no task for me tomorrow: there is a deadline at the end of days that divides the hearts between which did and did not obey daily and fear 4 the next day’s worries.

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