• Matthew Paul Michaelis

    I love this so much.

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  • Concerned Homeschooling Mother

    I think this is sick. You should be ashamed of yourself, mr jospeh Caleb Warner. My children read this website sometimes do uyou have any idea the kind of traumatic effect this could have on them??? C.S. Lewis is a holy m an and this is balsphemy against one of the fearst defenders of the evnaagelicalism! Your parents and I used to be good friends but now I see what they’ve been teaching their kids!!! I’ll be writing a letter to them about why they wont be receiving any Christmas cards or pregnancy notices from us anymore!!!!!

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    • I’m sorry you feel that way. These are bawdy comic strips, after all.
      I can give a defense for why I do these and what they are all about. I think we are capable of writing about both the bawdy and the sublime.


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