Here I am experimenting with dictation

I like writing things on my phone because it kind of Caps out my level of ornament. 

Doing daily journals weather on the block or privately is something our turn to perennially. But often when I apply myself to writing daily I easily start trying to make things too complicated. And then my creative energy is mostly spent on doing the saying that was meant to refresh me. What I like about dictation here is that any mistake that happens which is already happened multiple times of forwards a certain ambiguity which it read incorrectly can appear like depth. And since most people misunderstand what I say I trust that it will be read as depth. If people do read it correctly at least there will be a tone that is unique to this daily journal that does not take a lot of my energy.

This reminds me of Montagne. I wonder if Montaigne was the first blocker or if he had the opportunity to blog if he would’ve chosen blocking over Instagram. Would Montaigne have been more of a Facebook or social media bird. I don’t know I do know that doing a daily journal is a way for you to get to know me even if this dictation impedes that knowledge. The benefit that you get from reading this is that it is extremely off-the-cuff and that if a week or two passes I will easily forget what I had said and if you cut pro to me and asking what I meant by if Montagne is a social media bird I would be like what the heck do you mean. I’ve never said that before? Anyway. 

October 4th, 2016

I keep trying to convince myself that social media is worth my creative attention. 

It’s not.

I had an instagram, I planned for a twitter. And maybe I am sentencing myself to remain uncurrent, but there is something about the whole scene that puts me on edge. I can’t help but see it as performance art and I hate performing. So, no thank you. I tried and it is not working for me in this time of life at least.

What I can and would like to do with the new power afforded me with a smartphone is this: record brief glimpses of my days for the sake of my future self and you. That is what blogging is about. And to vow to blogging as I have done is again perhaps a way of joining a sinking ship, but for the time being…

I like the experiment of writing a bit of casual prose like this on my phone. Maybe I will even experiment with dictation! And keep all the misheard words in there for your edification.

Anyway, I had my last final of the term today in language. Maybe this is me being reactionary, but I don’t enjoy talking about school. There is no secret pleasure I get in academic conversation or comparison, the discussion of logistics and grades. That is intensely boring and only helps to show that I am in the trenches with other people. But that hardly needs to be confirmed by talking about what questions I did or did not get wrong. I consider it almost a vice of being a student to talk obsessively about being a student. Talk about other things, like what you had for breakfast.

And I had a breakfast scramble from the Co-Op. this is a vice of mine. I sleep in until the exact moment that it is most inconvenient. At night I plan to wake up early and get things done. Hah! A joke. And I don’t even know what this word means, but it is a ribald joke let’s say.

Anyway, I also got coffee and I was betting that getting a coffee and a bit of the scramble would be under five bucks so that’s all I brought. And it was exactly not five dollars; lo, it was 5.40. 

The lady at the cash register uses forty cents of her own money to bail me out.

What a fool I was!