A New Dialog on Video Games by Caleb Joseph Warner

  1. Give an experience.
  2. Decision is something crafted along those lines. You have free will as a player, but only free will to choose from a set of crafted desires.
    • This is very much like real life.
    • This experience is defined as gameplay.
  3. Every video game is a distinct world from our own with its own set of rules. They are not bad copies or competitors with our world. They are one of the natural inventions that arise from our world.
  4. These natural inventions mimic the patterns of creation in this world. And with this nature, there comes a certain set of necessities that need to be satisfied which parade as unnecessary wants.
  5. Video games exist because of a longing and necessity to comprehend our place.
    • They are not escapist: they are revelatory. They are the mirror in which we look, only so that we can be prepared to take our eyes away and be satisfied, for the moment, that we know what we look like. They mirror ourselves back to us.
  6. They show us what is behind us and around us but, unfortunately, cannot show us the way the to future.
    • The future we will stumble into blindly.
  7. Video games may push us forward, but only as participants in our general movement through time. They cannot go ahead of us and bring something back to us. They can only show us where we stand.
    • We play video games, because we long to understand where we find ourselves in time.
  8. Video games are for showing us who we are and where we find ourselves. They are not prophets of the future and anyone that tries to see in the experience a prophet standing in the doorway who will usher us into the unseen realm of our future success (the human species is glorious! Look at what we are capable of!) will be sure to be disappointed. Video games reveal the exact opposite about us. We are capable of so little.
  9. The unseen realm for humans is the individual and his surroundings.
    • We are very like the Lady of Shallot who can only ever look through the world in a mirror. The mirror is her gateway into seeing the world. Without the mirror, she would either be forced to close her eyes or be lost in the unseen realm of her condition.
  10. We are cursed, cursed to never be able to see where we stand or what is behind us. The only way to see is to make use of the tools before us.
  11. There are natural tools given to us and also the ones we invent. A mirror has been invented, but  memory has been since the beginning.
    • Memory is a natural tool, but video games are invented.
  12. Video games and memory serve the same purpose, as faculties to place us.
  13. As inventions, video games mimic the workings of memory.
  14. Understanding where we are is not confined to a declaration of truth.
  15. The very longing for mirrors is revealed when we come away satisfied from a video game.
    • We come away satisfied and by this realize that we needed the experience.
      • This is not a catharsis of fear. Rather, we are satisfied by a video game when it shows us what to be afraid of. We are to be afraid of our curse in order to continue on.
  16. The most striking thing about all this is that the revelation of our need for understanding is a revelation of our condition.
    • We do not look in the mirror and say, “Oh! There is a field behind me—and there is Camelot.” It is when we look away from the mirror that we say, “Oh! We are cursed.”
    • We understand we are cursed because of the start contrast between seeing and unseeing.
  17. We cannot see, without a brave journey into experiences, whether it is a fabrication like a video game, or a trip back in time through imagining a memory.
  18. Our natural state is one of blindness and darkness.
  19. Something needs to pulls us out of (xviii) and elevate us, but the elevation out of (xviii) is only the knowledge that we are cursed in the first place.
  20. The thing we want to be saved from is the ignorance of our curse.
    • This is why it is not farfetched to say that we need the video game experience to bring us into wisdom.
      • Wisdom is to have sight where others are blind.
        • Wisdom is the house of mourning.
          • We mourn, because we are human.
            • Because we are human, we want to commune with others.
          • Once we have seen, the only thing we want to tell others is that we are all born blind.
        • Video games are to provide us with this sight.
      • Video games have the same formal, efficient, and final causes of memory.
    • Video games are a visionary phenomena, experienced by people, for the final purpose of revealing who we are and where we are.
  21. As beings who find their home in time, we have been given tools to interact with this home. There are only two tools, aside from the tools of the present (the senses): expectation and memory.
    • We use our imaginations for both, but any space we imagine for the future is a fiction.
      • Not that it doesn’t exist, but that it is wholly invented.
        • Not so with memory.
  22. Memory uses imagination to reorder our memory into a made place for us to XP as close to the actual events as we are able to muster.
    • Memory is a function that takes our stored past material, orders it, and turns it into an organized and separate entity called “remembrance”.
  23. Remembrance is an artifact formed by the process of memory which orders the past material into something understandable.
  24. (xxiii) is a place where go to in order to XP a re-attempt at our original XP of the past.
    • It is not a sequence of images.
      • This is only a metaphor to describe what is really going on, which is an internal revelatory experience.
        • It is the experience of going back.
      • This bring us into another world and another time through imagination.
  25. A video game is remembrance.

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