An Introduction to the New Dialog on Video Games by Caleb Joseph Warner

  1. Level of interest and desire to remain with a virtual reality is a means of determining how true a virtual reality is to the structure of the real world. The difference between a virtual reality and the actual reality is that the invisible structure is acknowledged by all who participate. We are left theorizing about the invisible structure of the actual world.
  2. No Man’s Sky: The diversity, formed by a mathematical seed, is ultimately nothing more than novelty. It is not enough to pull us into its vast world. The beauty is impressive, but not mysterious as to its source in the same way that beauty in this world pulls us in. Most players are left bored and the beauty of that world is not enough to keep people with it.
  3. In order to keep the interest of those playing it, a game requires a center and the narratives of decision that we have both the option and free will to take. This is a crafted narrative and it exists designed, because there is simply not enough interest in having no purpose. There can be plenty of narratives the player forms of their own accord, but they would not take their interest and they would not be fundamental to the world.
    • For example, the player could choose to have his narrative be the discovery of all Calium deposits in one galaxy and sell them to that one trader on the space station in Washing of the Water. Fun? Not! This would capture few people’s attention and it would be a virtual example of essence preceding existence. If we go with (i.), this means that the invisible structure of No Man’s Sky is simply not accurate to the actual invisible structure of reality.
  4. There must be a crafted narrative in which we are all participating. We did not choose what the end would be and we cannot choose it, but we find our greatest happiness and freedom in making our path and following the choices of our heart to get there.
  5. There is, in fact, a center to the universe, but that center may remain to be seen. Perhaps, it is invisible and it is a narrative that is accurate to the invisible structure of reality.
    • That is to say: a universal narrative, with which we engage through our free will, is an invisible reality we must participate with in order to find happiness. Those most prone to suicide or who stop playing the game (in a reversal of the analogy) have the least participation with this narrative. They are struggling to find the narrative, but cannot see it, or in some unfortunate lack of divinity (a desire and ability to exert your will) want to leave. They are maybe forced into an existential world, where essence does precede existence and they are trying to make their own way by forming their own narrative (all the Calium deposits! Woot!)
      • But it is for reasons like this that choosing your own narrative is really just not that fun. And if you are to write an existential treatise, you are kind of obligated to have a portion arguing against suicide.

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