Forewarned by Jorge Luis Borges (V)

Recall that the player has the same idea about passing the time as that of the masses. The part is defined by the whole in this case. The masses think that to “pass the time” is to “move through time.” When we move, it necessitates that we are going from one point to another. When we go from one point to another, we must leave one point and go to another point. When we go to another point, we are going to a new point. You can see where this is going. In order to have a new point, there has to be a new place to go. In order to have a new place to go, there has to be new information. Let us define “new” as that which has never been perceived. All of this is to say that in order to move through time, there must be new information. If there was no new information, then we could not move through time.

And insofar as we can define moving through time as going from one point to a new point, we have no doubt. We do, however, doubt that video games are made for us to pass the time. This is the central dogma—and let it be dark before our eyes.

There may be an objection here that “passing the time” is not equivalent to “moving through time.” Borges agrees. Passing the time, allegedly that thing that video games allow us to do, is simply a mimic of that movement we experience through time. It is an attempt to recreate that movement we as bodies cannot help but perform. All bodies, whether living or nonliving, are under the force of movement through time. I am sure you can agree with this, even if you would like to add your own qualifications. Let it be so.

In order to recreate this movement through time, however, there needs to be a constant source and wellspring of new information. Here is an important qualification: God is not above time, injecting it with new information at all times to keep the wheels going. Note that when I say “new information is required to move through time,” all I mean is that it is new information with respect to the body moving. There is no new information to God, there is only to him expanded information. The creation of the Lord is no static thing: it is a perfect structure that encourages those within it to constantly expound on that information provided. God does not expect us to surprise him with new information; he expects us to surprise him with what we do with the established information. There is so much expansion available to us with the foundations he has laid that new information is never even a thing we should like him to add. What we need is mediators that will allow us to expound and comprehend all the information. We require support in this capacity, because we by our very nature are moving from new thing to new thing. There is no old information that we can move back to—unless you are Warner. This is, perhaps, the core of Warner’s dogma. And if he were to have explained it in these terms, in the terms I have just given, maybe I would not have been such a harsh critic. Maybe I would not have felt the need to make my own theory. Remember, my theory is that video games are extensions of the present and not mediators of the past.

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