Fun with Bifurcation in the Garden

The two necessities of life are food and shelter. Human culture begins with God instructing man to farm. This is the first art, and deals with food. After the fall, God gives Adam and Eve clothes. This is the second art; clothes are fundamentally a kind of shelter. Fashion and architecture are in this way the same; they are concerned with arrangement, design, protection. Building & weaving being the same, then, are on this level distinct from fruit-bearing, which deals with energy, sustenance, taste. A Christian artist must concern himself with the fruit he bears and the context he does it in; fruit and garden, gift and place.

However, we must fear the forbidden fruit and fear the forbidden tower. I’ve dealt and dwelt too long in both. The fruit is not something for us to simply take and taste; rather, it is a gift of love we give to others. The tower is not something that we build towards heaven; it is God’s temple that he builds in us.

Christians must as a result pursue a different ideal of agriculture and architecture than the secular world; however, we have a lot to learn from the empire concerning excellence of design and knowledge of nature. What will these ideals be? I know nothing of these arts.

Philosophy (theology) is the home we build, the shields we wear. Poetry (worship) is the fruit we share, to gild our hearts.

The root is Christ. The cornerstone is Christ.

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