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Dr. Eggs Benedict and the Ivory Tower of His Benedict Option

Rough thought of the day, so let me put it in the mouth of Dr. Eggs Benedict, author of “What Do About Culture Wars?” In his chapter about post-secular asceticism (Can Postmillenial Christians Redeem Monastic Vocations, 2? (read: DOOMED PROJECT)), he suggests: “Is good theology and philosophy possible and attainable for those with non-formal training in a world of affluence

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Billers V. The Pleasure Co. (a family company)

Has anyone heard about the Supreme Court Case “Billers V. The Pleasure Co (a family company)”? It all began in 2021, when the Oklahoma state government hired The Pleasure Co as a para-government organization to manufacture micro-filters designed to go in the gap between dopamine receptors in the human brain. These metal chips, called “pleasure chips” (and I thought pleasure

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The Visible and the Invisible

Note from the editor: All I really mean by drugs is some consumable that offers the user an altered and temporary state of consciousness. Something that can be overdosed on. Something that can master-slave you. You know what drugs are. Are we to use altered experiences to re-evaluate our knowledge base and what we know? I believe in one God,

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