The Limitations of Reason are Designed for Trust

If the metaphysical comfort of Christianity cashes out only as having the epistemological consistency that comes from believing in God, then most of Christianity becomes superfluous and unnecessary. The rest of Christianity becomes additional unattached ritualistic beliefs. They do not add to the value of belief in a philosopher god. God can be a black-box! But, we need more than a god of philosophy, a god that only exists out of a necessity in human problem-productions of philosophy and not out of the intrinsic and intuitive issues we come across as human bodies. The unnecessary convolutions of Christianity are the very beating heart of our metaphysical comfort—and the consistency that comes from divine belief is one of the many fruits adorning the tree of trust, the tree that gives the shade underneath we sit, the tree that makes a home for the sparrows.

If you are sitting in your chair wondering how the truths of Christianity can be the case, the insanity of believing in a God-Man and in the cosmic invention of creation (in itself a quite reasonable thing to believe considering the other option of spontaneous unnecessity), if you are comparing the insanity of your beliefs with your experience and find that the beliefs in unseen things does not match up with your experience of sense perception, know that Jesus did the very same comparison. Jesus must have had to marvel at the fact of God, the fact of His divine nature, the fact of answered prayer, that he created the world—and yet that he had human experience just like us.

Jesus is in heaven praying for you by name, spending his time on all of us. Praying is for laying everything up, even if you pray, “Lord, I have trouble believing in you. It seems so hard to believe, help me believe! I believe; help my unbelief.”

That Jesus has gone through what we have: not knowing what time it is, getting hungry and sleepy, having to come up against and discover the limitation of his sense perception, wondering how crazy the fact of existence strikes us, attractive women (some more than others), having best friends—Jesus went through all of this as a gift to us and this is the answer to any prayer we could ask, since we pray for the promises of God. We pray because we come up against our human bodies. Both the promises of God and the indwelling of a human body are things Jesus satisfied for us in perfection. Jesus knows exactly how to pray for us.

The beliefs of Christianity are difficult for us to comprehend, but they were designed for us to be led into trust, just as Christ submitted to his father in all things. We too must do the same. We must submit our reason and the reliability of our sense perception at the foot of the cross for it is there that God reveals the true purpose of all our thought, all our actions, all our desires—to come to Jesus Himself, so that God might dwell with us and we can see beyond ourselves in him. We should not feel guilty or angry about our small frames for we little vessels are ushered into eternity through trust.

Belief is meant to be difficult, because it is designed for our small frames to reach beyond ourselves. We do not believe for the same reasons a philosopher might believe in a God, but we believe because Christ first believed for us. Jesus showed us the way to trust and submission: and for those who recognize our limits as beings, this trust in God is the most reasonable position to be in.

Caleb Joseph Warner

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