Monthly Archives: February 2016

The Crucifixion of Relation

Sometimes fiction is helpful for making sense of things. Sometimes we feel the need to put our lives into geometrical shapes. Sometimes I feel that need, at least. This week, I put myself into the triangle of human relations. I have always hated being around people, but as I age, the necessity of dealing with them grows evidently from a

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Change of Mind

What Does It Mean to “Change Your Mind”? I change my mind a lot, but I guess my excuse is that I “see all the possibilities”. If I was being flippant about the “failed” decision, I wouldn’t have to swallow my pride so often and so hard. It hurts to fully dedicate myself to a future vision, to lean in—and then

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Freedom from Conviction

Mr. Grey nervously takes the long dim train that snakes through the underbelly of his great grey city. He is nervous because he might be late for his job. Just in time, he makes it to his floor. Breathless, he finds his cubicle and sits down at his desk, facing the fuzzy grey wall in front of him. He nervously

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