Quote 6: H.D.

All Greece hates
the still eyes in the white face,
the lustre as of olives
where she stands,
and the white hands.
All Greece reviles
the wan face when she smiles,
hating it deeper still
when it grows wan and white,
remembering past enchantments
and past ills.
Greece sees unmoved,
God’s daughter, born of love,
the beauty of cool feet
and slenderest knees,
could love indeed the maid,
only if she were laid,
white ash amid funereal cypresses.
Note: Laid in intercourse or on a funeral pyre? Just wondering; I don’t know much about the poet, but looking briefly over her biography, she strikes me as one of those “strong women” of the early 20th century. Kind of like Gertrude Stein. I’d like to get to know her better, though–through wikipedia. By the way, I had the line breaks in the edited post, but they don’t show up here for some reason. There is a line break after “and the white hands.” and “and past ills.” Just so you know.


  • Whoa. I love greek mythology so this was great for me.


  • Dear Caleb,

    How perfectly beautiful! Thank you.

    All’s well here in Geneva’s west suburb of GreenFields. I’ve almost settled into a routine with a “to do” list that will, I hope, remind me of little things I can do to gnaw away at the big, daunting tasks. For instance, getting through the remaining 40 boxes of paper “treasures” now in public storage seems impossible but, if I can manage to sort and empty one box a week, I’ll be finished by Christmas. That’s my goal.

    We’ve had extreme weather and I am so blest to be in this good place where I am warm, well fed and happy.

    I hope you’re warm, well fed and happy, too! Jamie

    Sent from my iPad



  • This reminds me of love which has wings, sometimes to short to fly. In other words, love is a chicken.


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