“The New Monasticism” by Pastor George Grant

The New Monasticism

In this article, Pastor George Grant responds to the new monastic movement.

Before I briefly respond, I just want to say that I am “all the sudden” exploring these ideas, not because I have a new-found passion, but instead because I see the benefit of dialogs over private considerations. By linking articles written by others, I am wanting to be in discussion with other thinkers, not just myself. I am doing this informally, sporadically, and for personal benefit. It is something I am “doing in my free time.”

I link this article by Pastor Grant for a few reasons. I just found it. I have met him and respect him. I disagree with him.

I don’t know if he will see this, but my follow up question would be, “How is new monasticism a retreat from culture?” I can see how certain branches of the monastic tradition fell prey to an unhealthy asceticism and isolation. But how, specifically, is new monasticism a retreat?

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