The Hidden Report. v

“And I have always been perplexed that when a report seems to have ended in the Dragon’s favor – and hear me out, these are reports that I have written! – they somehow please the Antidragon still. Why do you think he has a lower library? If he did not want one, he would not have put one there. He likes when reports go there. He also likes when reports go to the upper library. He likes that much more. There is a varying degree of things that give him pleasure. Make no mistake about this, Abraham; there may be two libraries, but there are millions of subdivisions within them. It is not that he has favoritism. When the Dragon heard of this, he accused the Antidragon of sin. But he responded with something like, ‘Is the potter guilty if he delights in one pot over another, even if they are both good pots?’ The Dragon didn’t know how to respond, but it really ticked him off. After that, he plotted on how he could kill him. He eventually did – but even that!

“Sorry, I am losing my focus. My point is this; all of our work is really the same work we would have done had we not rebelled. There still would have been reports to write and motivations to have directed. This was true before the coming of the Christ. If we had not rebelled, we would be retired like the loyal angels right now. The Antidragon has allowed them freedom to go about creation cloaked in any form they prefer, so they can secretly aid his people. As the enemies of these faithful angels, we find this to be disgusting. Why does humanity need any more help after the Christ has come?

“That brings me to my next point; in the fight to direct the motivations of humans, we do not fight against other angels, but against the Antidragon himself. He has taken over the role that he previously gave to the angels. In my personal opinion, he is much more adept at directing them towards himself than the angels ever were! It almost seems like our duties before were a compensation for his distance. We were taking the place as mediators before something more suitable came along. There are now two forces that vie for your soul, Abraham. The first is the spirit of the Christ himself. Before he has won completely, there is a shadow of this influence over all men. Religious men call it common grace. Secular men call it a conscience.

“When the conscience has been heard and given a council, it is strengthened. When it is ignored – as you have done for so many years under my direction – it goes quiet. It gets so quiet, that eventually you cease to perceive both it and me. When that happens, you no longer see anything motivating you. All you see is yourself and this is exactly where I wish all my subjects were at! If you had listened to your conscience, you would have heard the faint call of the spirit of the Christ himself. This call in itself cannot direct you towards the upper library. If you continue to heed it without recognizing what it is, all it does is bear frustration and the deepest depression at the end of someone’s life. I did not use this strategy with you, but I have done it with others. Marcus Aurelius – and now that I am thinking of Romans, Cicero – experienced this. They heard the distant voice of the spirit of Christ himself in them, but they could not understand it. At the end of their lives, they were left feeling close to the presence of something good, but equally as distant from it. Perfect. I would not have had it any other way – and neither would the Dragon.

“Concerning your free will, it is not as difficult as many would like it to be. I prefer that you have a clear picture of it before you go on your way, where usually I like my subject to be confused about it. You have more free will than we fallen angels do. Our work is always directed towards the pleasure and glory of the Antidragon, but so is yours. You and I are under the same oppression. It is impossible for us not to bring glory to the Antidragon. The best example of this inability to frustrate his plans is the death of the Christ. I don’t even want to talk about it, it makes me so pissed. There have been other times when we thought that we had frustrated his plans. The clearest example of this was the angel that tried to come to some prophet in Ancient Israel. And the angel said that he was a few days late, because he was held up. We thought that was a victory for us, but it turned out that it also brought glory to the Antidragon. That made me so pissed when I heard about it.

“Anyways, our oppression is different and it is different in one key area; pleasure. Let me compare myself to someone that has their personal report in the lower library. When I rebel from the Antidragon to pursue my own pleasure, my pleasure is never fulfilled because I only find pleasure in not bringing glory to him. When a human rebels from the Antidragon, he forgets him. When I rebel from him, I cannot forget him. When I seek not to bring him glory, the climax is always the opposite of what I pursue. When a rebellious human pursues his own pleasure, he does so by forgetting the Antidragon. He lives in a delusion and can experience the temporary satisfaction of his pleasure. In the end, while he may be closer to remembering the Antidragon, he still lives in this delusion and can end his life honestly believing that he lived a good life – with no regrets – and that he enjoyed all the pleasures he had sought to enjoy.

“There is no possible delusion like this for me. I have seen the truth. I can blind a human with delusion, but I cannot blind myself. Only after his death, does he experience eternal frustration like I do. The human has free will, because he can pursue any pleasure he wants. As a fallen angel, I am not free to pursue any pleasure I want. The difference is a denial of knowledge. All humans are born into this world having that shadow of the call of the spirit of the Christ himself.

“Free will is the freedom to pursue your individual will. I think I have shown quite clearly that humans are free to pursue their own will under delusion or in knowledge. Fallen angels are not free to pursue their own wills in any sense, because there is no knowledge that we have been denied, but yet it is that knowledge that we try to work against. To be a slave is to be full of knowledge.

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