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Spring. vi

Three weeks later, Joseph stayed over at Grandma and Grandpa’s house while Susan and Elijah went on their anniversary vacation. He had a good time there and he spent most of the time looking at his pocket knife. When he and Grandma baked cookies and Grandpa sat at the table reading the Bible, he tried using the pocket knife to

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Spring. v

They are all led to a white table cloth and Joseph finds Mom’s arm, but not for long, because Mom tells him to sit next to Dad and she tells Grandpa where to sit. Joseph sits next to Grandpa, who is sitting at the end of the white table cloth. Men in white and black suits push their chairs in

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Spring. iv

They arrive at Elijah and Susan’s around eleven thirty. They pull up into their driveway and Abraham turns off the engine. He waits for Lucy to find something she is looking for under her seat. She pulls out a square box covered in a wine glass wrapping paper. “Oh, sweets, when did you do this?” says Abraham. “I just got

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Spring. iii

They get in their car drive past the park, past the brick middle school, past the housing developments, and they break out and there is cornfields. Lucy watches the lines of green on the brown ground tick by and the trees lining the fields are growing buds. The square farmhouses sit behind the bare spotted arms of trees like they

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