August 28th, 2014

I am good. Thanks for asking…what about…you? Are you good? Good, good. I feel like you assume I am bad when you ask if I am good. Why do you think that whenever I say I am good, that I am only giving you part of the story? If you are asking for me to mean it, why not believe me when I say it?

I can be good. I am good. I am full of good. If I was bad, I would be lying. I would not be lying to say that I once was bad, but now am good. Okay, but now am great. Amazing grace. It is almost like I can mean it when I say, “I am good. Are you good?”

Not all of us are good. I get that. If you are asking me, so I can ask you, please ask me to ask you next time. I am not interested in playing social games. Be honest, but do not show me your whole heart. That heart is for God. That heart is the reason we pray. If you are doing bad, that is nothing between us. It is between you and God. You call him Father, don’t you? Why not asking him if he is good? Why not believe him when he says, “I am good. Are you good?”


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