August 25th, 2014

I have been doing a lot of cooking lately. It is fun. From my recent experience, I have learned perhaps the most basic culinary equation:

food   X   time   =   flavor

This is especially true with onions.

My cooking centers around the cast iron pan. I love cast iron pans.

I made all of the lunches for my week on Sunday night. It was barbecued chicken, steamed broccoli, and rice.

Tonight, I had the urge to cook. I wasn’t even hungry. I wanted to experiment. The thing about experiments is that they can fail. I reasoned to myself to make a savory dish. Here are the ingredients:

five eggs

one onion (too much!)

one apple

one lime

one can of corn

two potatoes

two slices of bacon

spices: garlic salt, salt, pepper, chili powder

Looking at it now, I see the flaws. One onion is, indeed, too much for five eggs. The lime was unnecessary (but interesting). The chili powder ought to have been cayenne pepper. The apple was fine, but out of place for a heavy dish like this (this being a fritatta). There was too much garlic salt. There should have been more bacon. It ought to have been a half can of corn. One more egg would have been nice.

The fritatta was a failure, but from this I did make an important innovation; fruit and vegetables can be mixed.

My lunches, however, are a success.

Where will I go next?

My favorite part of cooking so far has been cutting the potatoes and onions.


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