August 23rd, 2014

Well today, I spent the morning talking about open theism and determinism. The discussion easily flowed into one about fiction. From there, I asked to borrow a self-published book from a friend.

I set myself up for sending some free paperbacks to myself. I have no covers yet for these books.

I had a Persuasive Writing class today. I spent most of the time trying not to cough in peoples’ faces.

We had people over for dinner outside. My roommate did all of the shopping, all of the cooking, most of the setting up, most of the take-down. I enjoyed the meal and the people. I drugged myself up and drank throat coat tea the whole time.

We watched a movie called Locke. I am unsure what to think of it, save that it was understated, slow, and said very little. The major theme from the film was that the mistakes of a man have been and will remain with him forever. He is a concrete worker and his wife complains that when he comes home, his footprints turn into stone on the floor. I suppose this is a powerful moral to a story; that our past is unchangeable. The unsavory conclusion, however, that we cannot change – that our faults remain with us for the rest of our lives – is horrible and false. People can and do change. Change is more a part of our nature than the nature that people claim makes us unchangeable.

Tomorrow, I am going to edit the latter part of Spring, put it in a paperback format, call it a 1st edition (a rough edition), and then read some of it to the writing group.


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