In the future, history will be exclusively the study of current events. People will be considered culturally illiterate if they do not spend a few hours a day reading the news and keeping up to date. Journalists will comprise twenty percent of the population. Ten years after the future, a counterculture will form that is diligently apathetic about the news. This counterculture will concern itself with passe inquiries and it will die off for ten years, but come back unchained and more moderate. The generation twenty years after the future will be the ones who crave a balance between current events and history. They will pursue this balance in their homes and not in public places. It is being faithful in the small places, they will say, that will make the difference. The public will hardly know they exist. The children of this balanced generation will rebel from their parents subtly, by grabbing onto anything fresh. The balance of their parents, they will say, was not bad or good. It was just boring. This generation, in pursuit of some fresh experience, will be tied down by the pressures of the “normal life” they tried to avoid. But, everyone falls in love. Their kids will be the ones who neither have a craving for extreme, nor balance, nor originality, but goodness.

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