I am a very political person. I am an activist. I will hold a sign in front of an abortion clinic if it might do some good. If the Empire of America oppresses its citizens and takes away their rights, I will take up arms against it if that is the only way left of defending citizens.

The culture is concerned with the world and things that can be seen like people and pens and popcorn. The government is concerned with the abstract and things that do not exist like population and money and war and security and terms and legislation and the future.

Concerning the government, I have heard rumors of people called politicians. They sound like starry angels in the heaven of heavens, forming pre-existing cultural matter into abstract legislation. I have been told that these things matter.

One cultural matter-turned-legislation is gay rights. The whole issue is so tightly bound up in a narrow-minded culture, that it would be impossible to explain it to a foreigner without them laughing. First, there is the term gay. With the promise of esoteric sexual satisfaction, homosexuality leaves its victims wanting and frequently suicidal. As creatures in need of gratification for their sexual pleasure, people who are victims of homosexuality will never be gay until they are either committed to a life of celibacy or to someone of the opposite sex. Homosexuality – as a lifestyle – is unnatural and the rejection of the natural way of things is the rejection of happiness. You could learn this from Animal Planet.

With the term gay straightened up, you would then have to explain the mighty paradox that gays (along with their guardian angels in the platonic heavens) want to be married, but also want to abolish marriage simultaneously. The gay community is unhappy with the old covenant, so its wants to establish a new covenant, but still wants it to be called the old covenant. It feels that the old covenant is too exclusive, that it’s not right that it was formed between people who they are not, before they were, without their previous interest or approval. In fact, the ancestors of the gay community tried to topple the old covenant by forsaking it and condemning it as restrictive and plain. Over the years, however, the old covenant has not only become appealing, but respected. Seeing the old covenant as outsiders, the gay community felt it appropriate and possible to force its enemies to agree (with the help of the starry angels with their magical dust) that the old covenant is not what it is.

This is all very confusing, but everything is possible with the help of angels.

Those under the old covenant refused to redefine the terms of their agreement (may I remind you that a redefinition is totally possible if you believe in miracles and the supernatural. All of the strategies with which the gay community employs itself are based on a firm foundation of the supernatural), so the gay community raised its shrill voice to the heaven of heavens, convening a council of angels.

The angels, plump and young and nude, and the gay community, wearing matching bedazzled butterfly patterned ascots, took their seats and sketched out a new covenant using the terms of agreement from the old. The angels enacted this new covenant – hurrah! – and it looked so beautiful in the council chamber, but as it took effect, something awful happened to the gay community.

In the heaven of heavens, the new covenant appeared identical to the old (except that it was new, mind you), but when it took affect in reality, the angels realized they made an embarrassing mistake. The angels wrought an addendum for the new covenant and sent it down to earth. The addendum explained the mess-up; the terms of agreement which form the basis of a covenant are not based on the definition of those terms, but rather on the relationship of the participants. At the end of the addendum, the angels gave a legendary example and described the ramifications of this;

Once upon a time, there was a man named Abram from Ur. God, a being in heaven, spoke with his voice to Abram and called him out of Ur to follow him and to go to his promised land. God promised Abram that he would be blessed with every material blessing he could fathom, if only he was faithful to God. Abram obeyed and went to the promised land (where there was allegedly a mix-up with your ancestors when they tried to rape his family). In order to seal this covenant, God came down from heaven himself and walked between the divided bodies of dead animals. This signified that God was willing to take the full wrath that Abram would deserve if he was unfaithful to the covenant. It also showed – although it was pointless, because God is incapable of being unfaithful – that God was willing to take the full wrath from Abram he might deserve, had he been unfaithful in the covenant. For both God and Abram, the full wrath was death.

For both God and Abram, they offered something to the other that they could only offer because of the other. God could offer everything anyone would ever want, because Abram was a recipient creature. God could not offer the greatest blessing, without having someone to offer it to. Similarly, Abram offered faithfulness, but because of his nature he was unable to be faithful. God knew this, so God held up Abram’s end of the bargain by promising to take the punishment Abram would deserve in the future for being unfaithful (we suspect this is what the dead animals were all about). To the utmost degree, this covenant between God and Abram was invented and powered exclusively by the love of God.

As a side note, we think it is a legendary account, not because we doubt the love of God (although it is a confusing doctrine), but because we doubt that a resident of heaven would be willing to come into the world and walk between bloody carcasses. As angels, we find that to be icky and therefore not true.

The terms of agreement for this covenant could not be applied to any other party besides God and his creation, with Abram as the representative of creation. God was an essential party for the covenant. It would be impossible for any two people to have made this covenant with one another. Creatures are finite and this covenant was infinite. If, however, someone was dull enough to wish to do that, it would immediately become a different covenant, although the full wrath might carry over, thereby ending the new covenant immediately.

This is just one example of how a covenant is inseparable from the parties who participate. The nature of a covenant is determined by the parties, not by the terms. The terms of agreement for the God-Abram covenant, for example, could be applied to another couple, but the terms would change. They would change not by some forced redefinition, but by the nature and relationship of the participants. And because the terms change, the covenant changes. This is a law of nature – a law of covenants – that is so basic and fundamental, it too withstands our attempts at redefinition.

The application for us, of course, is that you are unable – not according to this council, but according to the nature of things – to enjoy the benefits of the old covenant in the way you would like. At this point, we can encourage three options, the first being the healthiest and the last being the closest to what you desire. One, you are still free to enjoy the old covenant if you find some steady babe (or person of the opposite sex, whoever you may be). Two, you can try our new sex-change program, become the opposite sex, and then as that opposite sex, marry someone of the opposite sex (this is actually a new covenant, but it synthesizes the old). Three, you can enter into a new covenant with your spouse of the same-sex. We could easily call it marriage, which gives the social impression that it is the old covenant (we respectfully ask; what’s the point?), but the mechanics of it are entirely different, so our council can only recognize it as a private contract. If this displeases you enough to come after us and bite our heads off, just remember that we are where you cannot be and you can always bite your pillow.

Ultimately, you have two choices. One, you can enter into the old covenant. Two, you can pretend you have entered into it.

We, the Court of Starry Angels of the Heaven of Heavens, apologize for the inconvenience, complexity, and despair this situation affords you.





The gay community has been furious ever since that addendum, so they continue to petition the Court of Starry Angels to change the nature of things. This petitioning is what we in America call gay rights.

Above, you will find exactly what I do not mean by politics. The politics I prefer to devote myself to actually matter. Here are a few ways that people distinguish between these two kinds of politics;

Libertarianism – Conservatism and Liberalism

Local – Federal

Apolitical – Sign-wielder

Silence – Screaming

Disinterest – Frustrated passion

Reality – Non-reality

Many – One

Fun – Suck

Hedonism – Stoicism

Apathy – Anxiety

Relief – Clenched teeth


These terms catch a number of different flavors. The terms on one side do not coincide with one another. For example, there are many anxious libertarians. There are also many apathetic stoics (and so on).

For myself, I see the greatest split between the one and the many. This does not mean that I prefer confederacies over federal unions. It means that I disapprove of any government that concerns itself with orthodoxy and not orthopraxy. It would be very difficult for a government to limit itself in this way. It would mean that the government would be responsible for certain actions, not ordinances, theory, and terms. It would be limited to the limits initially put on the judicial, executive, and legislative branches. All of these branches were initially responsible for actions taken. Writing laws (unless they are to written to order the actions which the government ought to be exclusively concerned) to define terms is not an action. Politicians ought to be concerned with the people they govern, not terms. They ought to be concerned – and I really mean this – with things that can be seen. As a general rule, if a politician is concerning himself with the immaterial, he is not doing his job. The immaterial is not something he governs. The immaterial governs him. Laws govern him. Truth – theology, the abstract, terms, belief, laws (which all exist, but cannot be seen) – is above the government, not below it and on its workbench.

Since politicians are not doing their job, it is my privilege as a citizen to become my own politician, while the platonic politicians are busy redetermining things that have been determined since the beginning of time. I already know what laws bind my conscience. I do not need them to decide more laws to bind me. The perfect law has been written. I go there for my guidance. This is why I can say that politicians and government are irrelevant to me, because when they concern themselves with the making of the law and not the giving of it, they are essentially doing nothing. Their fabrications are imaginative creations made of air. They do not bind me and they cannot bind anyone if they are not bound themselves to something made of stone.

This is why I would not be bothered if gay marriage was made legal. According to nature, the law, God, and the conscience inside me, that does not mean anything. People have tried to convince me that it means something, but I am unwilling and incapable to assent to the terms that they have imagined. If I saw a gay couple walking down the street holding hands with rings on their fingers, it would mean corruption and not marriage. They would not be married (although in the interest of building bridges, I would just ignore their delusion). They are under a contract and feel obliged to put gold around their finger (which has always seemed silly to me).

The Empire of America is one of the beasts of Revelation. There have been many. It is a false church. It passes anti-laws using anti-matter for anti-people under the authority of the anti-christ. It seeks to bind the souls of its earthly citizens.

And what can we do?

We remain faithful to the laws of the City of God while living as citizens of this empire. It the empire writes a law that will punish us for remaining faithful, that is when we disobey. We do not start a revolution. We do not become shrill. We stay silent, we stay faithful, we pray. We concern ourselves with the politics of the oldest civilization. We care for the poor and needy, because the government will not. We disciple the nations, because the government will not. We love murderers, because the government will not. We love pedophiles, because the government will not. We love homosexuals, because the government will not. We accept all people as sinners, because the government will not. We give other sinners what they need, because the government will not. We concern ourselves with this material world, because the government will not. We pay our taxes, we use our free speech, we enjoy what we have been given and rejoice when it is taken away, because the government will not. We laugh, because the government will not.

Passive aggression is our answer to growling bulldogs. We actively construct walls and churches and buildings while they sleep. We do not growl back at them. We stay inside while it is storming and put clothes on the clothesline only in the eye of the storm.

We avoid escalation. We promote edification. We destroy by construction. We remain very political people.




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