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“Man-generated symbols (i.e., the Westminster Confession of Faith, the Belgic Confession, or the U.S. Constitution) have power over the minds of men for a season only. Because God has ordained that men will grow, whether they want to or not, men always outgrow their symbols. We can never outgrow God’s symbols, but we do outgrow our own. To attempt to

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I am a very political person. I am an activist. I will hold a sign in front of an abortion clinic if it might do some good. If the Empire of America oppresses its citizens and takes away their rights, I will take up arms against it if that is the only way left of defending citizens. The culture is

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I want to see a lay person in the church write an epic. Unfortunately, fiction is either written to be sold or to be mysterious. There are the writers who have a message and there are the writers who have a vision. The story is sometimes used as honey for the medicine or is conflated with the truth itself. There

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