I need my own voice to be silent.

I need to tame my tongue and train my words, because I speak too freely and use too many.

I need to know that others are more important than myself, because they are. I need to be awake for other people.

I need a quiet place to dream. I need everything to go to sleep, so I can stay awake dreaming.

I need a house of one hundred square feet, hidden by a garden and a tall concrete wall.

I need a gate.

I need no music, unless I give an hour to listen.

I need nine books, four on various subjects, five of fiction.

I need money, so I have money to give.

I need a horse of a dog and bones left from my small meal of chicken and green beans.

I need a pile of one hundred pieces of paper, housing the ink of three ballpoint pens.

I need to pray every hour, the Old Testament in the morning, the New Testament in the afternoon, and the Gospel before bed. I need to be reminded of the hope of the Resurrection before I fall asleep.

I need a quiet and peaceful life.

I need other people for me to serve and for them to preserve me.

I need Christ and I need Him to be crucified and to resurrect.

I need to die, so I have something to rise from.

I need to request grace in the darkness, which in contentment I can devote myself, so Our Father can fill me with grace, so the grace can rise in me like bread.

I need to know when to go and tell this to everyone and then to tell this to no one. I need to know when to use my voice and when to remain silent.

I need my own voice to be silent.

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