Where is home? I am skeptical of place-theory, because I do not think you can get any more specific than “creation.” Perhaps, “earth.” Time-theory might be able to specify, if we are only concerned with the longing of someone. But, sometimes when people long for home, they are actually longing for the past.

Time-theory raises important questions about the goals of home. If home exists in the past, then it is a place of rest for people who find the future draining and dangerous.

If home were to be placed on the timeline, I would locate it partially in the future. This is not because I dread the present, but because I never long for the past. I long for the future, so that I might take full advantage of this present movement. If anyone finds themselves longing, it is the result of the present. That is what the present does. It propels either to the past or the future. It is movement.

If home is in the future, then it is a place of growth for people who find the present draining and dangerous.

I am going to defend myself here.

If home is in the past, you are failing to remember that the past does not grow. It is immovable. And because it does not grow, it is in some sense incomplete. The past is not complete until you stop moving. Completion is growth and both find hope in the future.

Therefore, the future is hope. And if we locate home in the future, then ultimately home is hope. Hope for completion. And so home is a finished and furnished temple, with its foundations of the past, its walls of the present, and its ceiling of the future.

This is my defense of space-theory.


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