The future is in some sense historical, because certain things in the present contain their own resolution.

Atheism is boring. And boring things do not last into the future, because it is human interest that preserves paradigms.

Human interest indicates what satisfies the human soul, which is a thorough foundation in the scope of history. If something is not interesting enough for its consistency to be defended by humans through tradition, it is not consistent with the evolution of humans.

We might equivocate on “evolution”, but the question for all worldviews is the same; how do we become better and leave behind our imperfection?

I am not defending the feeble attempts of Christians to understand the truth of Christianity in its entirety. But it is strongly indicative of Christianity’s truth that they try. What paradigm is so well-preserved by creed and tradition? Even when people try to throw off the shackles of creed and tradition, they lay in the grass waiting for the next generation to pick them up. Because of all the human attempts to preserve truth, Christianity itself is a cohesive and stable whole, whether the individuals recognize it or not.

What creeds hold atheism together? What doctrines or love or unity or traditions? Who gives it devoted attention like a loving mother? The eyes of Christian saints are full of tears and admiration for God and nature. Saints are in relationship with what they defend and love.

Who is taking care of rowdy atheism? Is anyone interested enough in loving and cultivating it? In looking it in the eyes and giving it a big kiss on the cheek? And does atheism move people to the widows and orphans to kiss them on the cheek?

Who labors together with joy, building the temple to atheism?

Labor has been put on the temple of God every day since Christ. Christianity is not only a stable and well-defended superstructure, it is one that continues to be built up.

Thank you, Lewis, Plantinga, Schaeffer, Stevens, Tolkien, O’Connor, Piper, Wright, Keller, and all the thousands that continue the labor. I wait eagerly for this generation of saints to continue the work.

Where is atheism going?

The world has seen no improvement in the theology and glory of atheism since the time of Lucretius. If anything, the aesthetic value of it has degraded since then. At least he wrote poetry and did not yell about everything.

And perhaps the knowledge of nature has expanded, but this knowledge was neither found by atheism, nor is it used thoroughly by it. Knowledge of nature is the greatest tool modern Christians are using to build the temple of God, but we could use it more.

Since the Reformation, there has been a clear expansion of Christian interest in the knowledge of nature.

And is this not an expansion of human interest, cultivated in Christianity?

Atheism has destruction written in its DNA. After Christians have labored more to continue the evolution of humanity, atheism will come back to enjoy what it did not obtain.

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