Make a list of people.

Describe them.

List the things they love. You know what someone really likes when they mention it in passing, never when you ask them. Now you know what to get them for their birthday – or better, any day.

List their talents.

List the things you love the most about them and what gets on your nerves.

Think of the things you dislike about them as deficiencies on your part. They are heroes in a major stage play and they have fatal flaws. And that is why we are all going to die.

Fast forward fifty years.

Does the way they smack their lips when they eat still bother you? Or do you look back at it fondly, wishing you could get the opportunity back to laugh and not sigh?

I wish I would have put my hand on his shoulder and said, “I love you,” instead of repressing the desire to think, “I hate how you eat.”

I am a fool. And why do I talk like that? Don’t I know you hate that I always say that?

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