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I don’t want to pick up any weapons against my brothers. I don’t want to be a threat to Christ’s Bride. And if that means throwing out all my ideologies, then I will do it willingly. If it means that I have to shut my mouth, then I will do it. All I want is to be a safe haven

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Everything we consume and speak is tied to trust. Flying like Icarus, unshakable as a solid gold feather. We consume and speak for future generations. Every word is a shovel I use to dig a cathedral out of my nose. It is risky, like feeding pine nuts to a six-toed giant from Zimzummim. What makes visions sterile is if their

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The urge to share and speak to an empty auditorium is a right enough to do it, as long as you’re the janitor, holding the keys, dismissive and dying concert pianists running past you during the day, and at night, darkness. Go ahead. Sing. No one will hear it anyway, except you when the echo comes back and sounds like

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When you are feeling lonely, know that you are not alone in feeling that way. And when you search and see how many are lonely just like you, it becomes clear that it is a pandemic. It is only fun to be lonely, when you are sure that you are the only one who feels that way. When everyone walks

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Christ, the Mysticismal

I, a dirty peasant leaning on my rake, looked across the rocky shore and sea to a black square sitting on the horizon. That disturbing and angled square suggested that nature is more geometric than I first presumed. Perhaps, God was covering an embarrassment with a divine censor? It was a distant island – perfectly natural – and I could

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