The Epic of a Child’s Mess. Part II

Part I

Jodon and Jodonna

In the chaos, there was a strong personality. His name was Jodon.

Jodon did not have any parents nor did he have a place to call home. It was rumored that he came from Canada, but that wasn’t true. He was born from my imagination.

In the beginning, it was just him and I. He was my best friend. Wherever I was, he was there. If I was shovelling snow, there he was helping with his own shovel.

But, Jodon was lonely. So I made Jodonna for him from out of the same void. She was an equally strong personality, because in those days everyone was complementary. Jodon and Jodonna got along fine in the end, but the first few dates were a bit icy.

Jodon was tall and had black hair. He was a dreamer and flew airplanes. Jodonna had short brown hair that she never tied down. She was always encouraging Jodon to do the right and good thing. Whenever they got into a fight, Jodonna was the one who had the sense. They lived happily together, never marrying, but that was okay. No one got married in that time, because there was no such thing as a lack of purity.

I was thrilled they finally got along. Jodon and Jodonna and I were very good friends and we would sometimes walk around outside together. We would laugh and share things. When one was away, the others would talk about them.

One day, however, intruders came in to disrupt their bliss. These cajoling merriers were dirty and began to question their existence. They would constantly ask me where Jodon and Jodonna were.

These intruders came uninvited and never left.

“Is Jodon with you?”

“Are Jodon and Jodonna married?”

“Are they going to come with us?”

And the more that these intruders asked, the more I would answer “no.” In my mind, the best way to protect the purity of Jodon and Jodonna was to insist that they didn’t exist.

The taunts became so unbearable, that it was time for the final measure; Jodon and Jodonna must be killed.

In a tragic airplane accident, both Jodon and Jodonna died. The incident was vague, but their bodies were put to good use.

Jodonna split in two and her two halves were the earth and sky. Jodon became the spirit of the land and inhabited the horizon.

The Dawn of Civilization and Blueberry

In the dawn of that primeval land, a hero rose.

When I was too young to go to a baseball game with the rest of the deities (for those who are older are usually gods), the eldest and oldest promised, “I will bring something back for you.”

I was excited and waited all day. I had butterflies in my stomach imagining what it would be. I hoped it would be one of those whistlebats made out of plastic and full of air.

In the summer, the eldest and oldest were working on their majestic temple. The workers were sitting under the oak tree with their white boxes of glowing food. I was curious and I reasoned to myself that there was nothing else to do while waiting for my gift. So, I went to the workers and asked them, “What are you eating?”

And the workers responded, “We are eating food from our favorite place to eat. Would you like some?” I was delighted and, as I ate the food, an entirely new world was open to me. It tasted like nothing I had ever tasted.

Not a moment later and a car pulled up to the unfinished home, the sun blinding. The deities were back from the baseball game!

As I approached, the eldest and oldest deity gave me a. Bear.

At first, I was disappointed, but this disappointment quickly dissipated into delight. And the thing that delighted me most was that I would have this bear forever.

The bear introduced himself, “I am Blueberry,” he said.

“Please to meet you, Blueberry.”

That very day, Blueberry revealed that he was a warrior. “I throw blueberries and blueberry pies.” Blueberry said.

Using this weapon, Blueberry intruded into the lives of the deity and explored their home, under my blessing. His reign was undisputed, for no one else had weapons like him or a seal of power (for on his chest was the mark of the Cub).

As he grew older, his naps grew in length. I had other things to cultivate. Slowly, he fell into a deep sleep and his existence became shrouded in mystery.

A Darkness Approaches


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