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Day by Day #60

I got my retainers today. To retain. I prefer calling them whistlers. To whistle. I have been reading “That Hideous Strength” by C.S. Lewis. I don’t know what sort of genre it is, but I’ve been told it is fantasy or science fiction. Eh. I can see elements of both, but I get the impression that “That Hideous Strength” is the

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Day by Day #59

I am not a very good person. But, that is not very interesting. None of us are very good. That is not okay. Usually when people get confessional, I hope and pray that their declaration of perversity is the beginning, not the end. Okay, so you are not a good person. Now what? I finished a story recently called “Fly,

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Day by Day #57: A Story That Could Have Included Unicorns

For the weakest, this is a story without any trouble, sharp edges, dirtiness, violence, acidity, danger, hate, and evil. I considered putting unicorns into this story, with the addition of a pillow over their horn. But this wouldn’t do, because the characters would know that the pillow was preventing danger. A butterfly wouldn’t do, because they are so delicate, that

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